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The big headlines

5 May 2019 | The Presidents Game at Knutsford Academy

Other things

Chairman's address for the end of the 2018-2019 Season

(A few words as we approach the Rugby Ball on 6 April 2019)

Our considerable thanks to the entire team who made our April 2019 such fun, it was a splendid opportunity to recognise a truly inspired collective that is Knutsford Rugby Club. From the chaps who made the evening possible, particularly Tony Evans, Chris Edmonds and Steve Kindred (some have been heard to say that one or two of the team have a natural gift for making something inherently simple unbelievably complex). To the great work by Will Cliff and Chris Edmonds as coaches for the senior team led by the mercurial Sam Bensky helping to transform the club and create ‘Champagne rugby’ on the pitch (well it happened once and it was truly impressive). Our team of volunteers are the backbone of this club, they all are fantastically charismatic and motivated people including our trigger happy Treasurer Russ Finn, all the amazing junior coaches and all our mini and junior players. The success of the junior section has been simply brilliant and high praise for Chris Edmonds helping to grow the mini and junior section each year. Finally, all of this would not be possible without the absolutely fabulous support of Knutsford Academy. Our considerable thanks to Mike Claddingbowl and James Routs at the Academy.

Neil Loftus | Still the Club Chairman

Joining the club

Interested in playing senior rugby? All are really welcome. Click here to get in touch. Or turn up at Booths Hall for training (7pm Thursdays).
How to join the juniors? Click here to link to facebook (this is the main vehicle to find out about the juniors). Joining is really easy. Pop over to the Academy playing fields on Sunday mornings starting from 10:30am (in term time).

Other things

Remember gym night on Tuesday evening is open to all members. Knutsford Leisure Centre.

How to find us and a few thoughts to share

(Just a few things to be mindful of)

All games of rugby take place at Knutsford Academy playing fields (the post code WA16 0AZ will get you close). Its at the corner of Lilac Avenue and Westfield Drive. Take care on arrival as the entrance is one way.

For senior 'after-match' refreshments we need to pop out of the playing fields and travel a short distance to Knutsford Sports Club (or the Legh Arms, there are occasions when we need to consider our options). Both are less than a mile away and we welcome all visiting teams.

For all games (junior and senior), it is important that dogs are not allowed on the playing fields. It is used by children as well as adults and we must provide a safe environment for playing the game. (We do appreciate its a great place to exercise your dog but we need to ensure that we minimize any risks to players whatever their age).

Please be mindful of our fab neighbours and park with consideration. We have a large number of players at all ages and limited parking.