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Knutsford Rugby Club AGM

17 July 2020; 19:00h
The AGM will be held as a virtual event. The format will be delivered as 3 main themes; overview of the year and the possible way forward (Chairman), fiscal results (Honorary Treasurer) current risk assessments for training (Junior Chairman). Q&A will be moderated at the end of the presentation. Click here to post questions in advance.

Knutsford Rugby Club AGM 2020

We will hold our AGM on Friday 17 July 2020 at 19:00h as a virtual event (we are looking into the best way of making this work either Zoom or Teams). Details will follow shortly.

The format of the meeting will be slighly different from the past, however, we will do our best to share our key messages and ensure we address any question.

Clearly the Club House has made a great impact on the club from its opening in September 2019 and we have high praise for all those who freely gave their time and energy to make this happen. Our considerable thanks to this band of volunteers which includes a great many names but I do wish to highlight a few key individuals. Andy Hutton and Fergel Kiernan for their creative sourcing of furniture, Dan for helping out in so many ways, the entire De-Jong family for supporting Sunday morning's, Sadie and Stacey for being incredibly helpful at all times and the core team of Tony, Chris, Russ and Sam for always being fab. Its a great achievement for such a small group of volunteers.

To make sure the virtual event meets the need of the AGM, please send any question by clicking here in advance of the AGM.

The near term is highly unpredictable and we will follow all RFU and National guidance on working with SARS-Cov2. Our current plans support Phase B of the RFU roadmap.

Neil Loftus

Club Chairman

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Knutsford Rugby Club and Coronovirus

Headlines | Update 4 July 2020
The key message is that Knutsford Rugby Club will strictly follow National Government, RFU and Schools guidance on creating a safe environment. We are currently at Stage B following the government’s announcement of 28 May 2020. (Click here to find out more about Stage B from the RFU; in short, it supports small group training).

During RFU Phase B

This is going to be a different experience but we need to make sure that any training is safe. We need to take steps to mitigate any risks and so please download our rules.

Download the rules by clicking here.

We are fully committed to supporting the RFU guidance and we are applying the key elements of training safely.

In the short term, we will use Toft playing fields with very small groups of players. We are not planning to open the Club House in the near future and playing at the school fields needs a little more time to work out logistics and practices. Its a moving guidance but we will update and change as required.

Neil Loftus

Club Chairman

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View from the sideline

Colin Hurrell (Club Founder)
Colin founded the club in 2003 and has been a remarkably involved chap with the club throughout it's short history. We asked Colin to reflect on the past short season for senior rugby.

Knutsford Rugby Club - Life on the Touchline

First I must congratulate all those involved in completing our new club house, players supporters members of the committee, junior parents and everyone else who put time in to create our very own home. This is what we having been crying out for the last 15 seasons.

Well for the record we played 18 games won 9 drew 1 and lost 8 in Cheshire league 3 South At the start of the season we were due to play 26 but because of 2 teams pulling out of the league, teams conceding games to us, postponed matches and of course the curtailment of the season due corona virus. Because of the bad weather in December we did not play any games in the month. Our opening game of the season was against Newcastle under Lyne 2nds, Saturday 7th September a lovely sunny day, the pitch in excellent condition perhaps the grass was a bit too long. So we were all set up for a great game, but, that was as good as it got. The trouble was we were playing supposedly their second team, but their first team didn’t have a game, a number of their firsts played for the seconds, which included 2 Fijian internationals. The game was one way traffic for 80 minutes score Newcastle 101 Knutsford 14.

One of the problems for spectators watching Knutsford is the inconsistency, one moment they are playing really well next minute they are missing tackles and shipping tries. They play well against the good sides and lose to the poor sides. To emphasize the point we played Village Didsbury at home in October the bottom of the league side we struggled most of the game. In the dying minutes of the game we were awarded a penalty in front of the posts, 17- 19 to them Rick Walker steps up to take the kick fiddles about a bit with the ball seconds go by, all of a sudden the referee blows his whistle, time out. According to the time keepers the referee blew up after 60 seconds when he should have allowed 90 seconds.

Now for the good stuff on a rather dismal November day Tony, Neil, Carl and myself travelled to Leek to play their seconds one of the better teams in our league. We really played well against a determined opposition the lead changed hands a number times, but this was Knutsford at its best forwards and backs playing really well together attack and defence putting up a determined battle. With about 10 minutes to go we were on the half way line our scrum won the ball, Kimi picks up the ball out runs round their back row a few jinks and he is over their line in front of the posts 7 points to us. Leek make a counter charge but we hold them out with determined tackling, final score Leek 15 Knutsford 20.

Thank you to all the members who played for the club during the season, some of the regulars were: our captain Sam, Howard, Russ, Stefano, Ted, Sam, Kimi, Alex, Cameron, Jim, 2 Ricks, Giles, Dave, Chris, Jack, Dave. It was good to see the new players coming through and make a big contribution to the club: Kyle, Josh, Nick and others I must not forget our 2 veteran stalwarts Gregg and Nick whatever the weather home or away the 2 of them always turn up, they may not always get a full game but what commitment they give to the club.

So there you have it one small observation of the truncated 2019-20 season, oh and by the way we came 4th, well done everybody who took part, looking forward to seeing you all next season.

Colin Hurrell

June 2020

RFU Guidance

In line with the Return to Rugby Roadmap, the government has announced that some rugby facilities can reopen from 4 July. For Knutsford Rugby Club in the short term, we will restrict training to Toft to ensure we can create a safe environment. We will be not opening up the Club House or playing at the school. Risk assessments and Action Plans are being put in place. Click here to download the rules for training (be safe and be sensible).